Case Study

Building an identity is a necessary endeavor that requires weaving together all the disparate elements of your business and your product into a story that customers can believe and, most importantly, buy into.(1)

Lumo Lab is an experienced and thoughtful branding partner helping you to protect and grow your investment into your brand.


Au Organics

AU Organics was an online retailer dedicated to creating awareness for locally developed, certified-organic skincare microbrands, both locally and in Asian markets overseas.

It was particularly oriented to Asian females as researchers at Neilsen identified(1), greatly prioritise complex and holistic skin care rituals.

The objectives

  1. Differentiate the brand in a sea of skincare and cosmetics brands and stores.
  2. Resonate with a mostly female audience between 22-60 years of age
  3. Bolster the capability and credibility of the products
  4. Convey a strong sense of scientific rigor, botanical effica

Our solution

  1. To convey a strong sense of scientific rigor and a deep respect for nature, Lumolab crafted a design language that expresses notions of purity, efficacy and wholeness.
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