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Industry leaders believe the key to future is in moving closer to the customer and understanding where there needs are now and where they will be in the future.(1)

Lumo Lab approaches brand expression by understanding audiences on a human level, and making a connection with audiences by building trust and warmth across time.

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Bloom and Grow Education

small group extension programs

Bloom & Grow Education sees a need for children to be reengaged in learning through more natural human attention and less constrictive frameworks.

The brand develops unique small format learning programs designed by award winning teaching professionals, that utilises delight and curiosity as important drivers of academic growth in children.

The course has been successful in helping children prepare for GATE programs.

creating delight and curoisity in young minds was a key focus of the brand‘s expression

The objectives

  1. Lumo Lab assisted in writing content and crafting the design language to engage childen and parents in the concept of the brand.
  2. The website is designed align meaningfully with children as much as parents.
  3. Build booking systems, EDMs, online lesson plans and admin automation to reduce friction in the customer experience.

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