Case Study

In a society where disinformation and distrust can be commonplace, a Nov 2020 report by Deloitte, reveals ethical business practices boost return on assets by 7%.(1)

People innately connect with brands that they feel they can trust. Lumo Lab lays a strong framework that enables a brand to speak from authenticity and trust.


La Lumiere


La Lumiere is an Australian-born body care concept, championing high efficacy Australian botanicals through its traditionally-made soap bars.

The high quality locally-sourced plant oils provides only natural fragrances that exude an authentic sense of calmness and rejuvenation.

Branding Insights /

  1. A strong alternative to the synthetic fragrances and chemically derived bodycare offered by large prevalent brands found in our supermarkets.
  2. Lumo Lab sought to promote the value in reconnecting with the natural world.
  3. For La Lumiere, we leaned into a concept that express a return to nature and an reengagement of the senses. to best connect with people who see the value in this way of living.

Drawing upon the enigmatic beauty of the Australian wilderness was a key focus

Branding and Design Language

  1. To realise the concept this we made highly selective use of tactile surfaces that bridge notions of home, the wilderness and the contemporary.
  2. The dichotomy of using cool colours but making imagery feel warm and inviting - is a reflection of the complexity of the Australian wilderness.
  1. The skincare/bodycare marketplace is highly competitive, however we sought to leverage an increasing interest in Australian products, by giving the brand a distinctive message - refined, composed and minimalist in approach, but warm in tone.
  1. We sought to distill the emotion and sensory experience of being lightly whisked away to a fresh morning stroll through an Australian forest - a reflection of the powerfully calming and aromatic notes of the product itself.
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