From the Lab

July 2023

Why establish a Brand Proposition before advertising begins?

In today's saturated marketplace, branding isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity. A strong brand proposition is your ticket to capturing consumer attention and building lasting loyalty.
This is your brand's foundation, where trust, credibility, and emotional connection begin.


The bigger picture

A brand proposition (often referred to as a value proposition or brand promise) is what and how you propose to deliver on your promise.

It articulates what a brand promises to deliver to its customers. It's a statement that explains the benefit or value the brand offers, how it solves customers' needs, and what distinguishes it from competitors.

Unparalleled customer experiences

The ultimate goal of any brand should be to create an unparalleled customer experience—one that fosters trust, establishes credibility, and builds an emotional connection. In an oversaturated market, it's the unique experience that distinguishes a brand and keeps customers coming back.

Statistical evidence

One might wonder about the real impact of a strong brand proposition. According to a recent study by The Guardian, brands that have focused on developing a clear and compelling brand proposition have seen an astonishing 76% increase in value growth over the past decade, and that too, without relying on traditional advertising.

This statistic highlights the transformative power of a well-defined brand proposition.

The brand proposition

At its core, a brand proposition is a well-thought-out set of statements that serve three main functions:

(a) Define your brand's identity and core values.

(b) Encapsulate the unique, practical benefits that customers can expect from your brand.

(c) Express these benefits and values in the most concise and relatable way possible.

Communicate the proposition

A brand proposition needs to be actively communicated and integrated into your brand's overall strategy.

It gives shape and strategic direction to the dual act of Branding and Advertising and therefore lays a foundation for these elements to be effective.


In a business landscape where consumer attention is the most valuable commodity, a well-crafted brand proposition serves as a beacon, guiding our branding and advertising activities strategically.

As we've seen, focusing on a clear brand proposition can dramatically increase the value of your brand and does so without first relying on advertising along.

The synthesis of a compelling proposition and strategic communication is not just a best practice—it's an essential cornerstone for modern brands aiming to navigate the complex and ever-changing consumer landscape.

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