Case Study

Amplify your Strengths

INVENTION    /    MASTERY    /    Warmth

In establishing a strong following for Baker et Chef we centered the brand’s expression on the boldness, commitment and artistry that inspires its breads, baked goods and culinary creations.

The challenge

  1. Due to its location away from business precincts, the brand had low visibility and foot traffic.
  2. The brand uses many unique, technical methods and French terms, that can confound audiences. We used the opportunity to help social audiences to understand these ideas, while building a sense of connection with the brand.
Layering ideas of warmth and artisinal food was a key focus for our work.

The solution

  1. Capture striking imagery to intrigue audiences on social media, to then funnel audiences to the website to further drive people into the store.
  1. Mirror the mastery and innovation that drives the brand forward.

The results

  1. From the launch of the website in April 2019 to the end of that opening year, the website received 13,000 unique visitors, 95% of which were from a primarily Australian audience.
  2. 37% of website visitors were organically led over from the social media content we partnered with the client on, with another 55% coming in from Google search.
  3. In its first year, Baker et Chef succeeded in growing a large audience for the brand, driving regular audiences from social media, to the website and into the store.

“Trevor’s design philosophy is expressed in the way he regards his clients and projects as family. He has played an integral role in the branding, design and social media for Baker et Chef.”

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