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CLIENT Micromine

Lumo Lab helps tech innovators to elevate their brand, bringing clarity to their proposition and connecting with stakeholders.

We provide Micromine with streamlined asset development through our unique direct-to-designer system.

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Brand assets
Enhancing Marketing Assets

Following Micromine's rebrand by global agency Landor&Fitch, Lumo Lab played a pivotal role in building a suite of key marketing assets.

We craft brand assets to lead prospects along the buyers journey, making known innovative spirit of the brand to build trust with decision makers.

Micromine is a recognized international leader and innovator in mining software. The company has received several accolades, including BRW Magazine's award for Australia’s Most Successful Business Trading Overseas."

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Maketing and Sales asset Partners

We partner with Micromine, proposing solutions to better activate assets and establish coherent, confident brand  messaging.

In the past year, we've proposed purpose-built 3D visuals to create stronger product awareness within the suite, and prompted the team on sales and design considerations which have led to joint development of campaign imagery, icons and uniquely placed callouts.

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Strategic Brand Messaging

Our strategy for Micromine was to emphasize its position as an international leader and innovator in mining software.

Each visual element, from the selection of typefaces and colours, to the photography and 3D imagery is purpose designed and finely tuned to assert these qualities.

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